Best Service Total Control Action Cutz AKAi

Best Service Total Control Action Cutz AKAi
Best Service Total Control Action Cutz AKAi
Best Service Total Control Action Cutz AKAi
Teams: MKRock | Size: 362,96 MB

Action Cutz is the sequel to X-FX - a new tool for Sound Effects professionals. Action Cutz provides fresh action material for your next Hollywood production. Dangerous SFX - sound design for cinema and game production, animation, trailer and multimedia. Mixed professionally and 5.1 surround sound compatible. Action Cutz is prepared for separated surround sound - L.R. and Rear - L.R. tracks are available as separate stereo tracks for maximum flexibility.

Tracks Include:

- Combat Robot- Heavy metallic steps, movement noises, robot gun shots, mechanic noises
- U99- Submarine atmosphere, underwater bubbling drone, sonar
- Scuba Diving- Underwater atmosphere, bubbling, taking breath
- L.A. Gun Showdown-Automatic guns, machine guns, destruction, swoshes, weapon clips, cocks, loading, falling to the ground, bullet shells drop
- Body Fight-Boxing- Fist & slaps, body impacts, destruction, rumbling, bone breaks
- Body Fight-Eastern-Swishes and slap hits, body impacts, sharp noises
- Classic Sword Fight-Sword hits, metallic tones, rubbing and swoshes
- EKG- Hospital, collapsing heartbeats, respirator, control beeps, alarm
- Tension-Steel ropes ripping, destruction, electric hum
- Mounting Hardware-Big machine drone, metallic noises, welding, scraping
- Alien Controlroom-Weird room atmosphere, space control sounds, dark creature voices
- Spaceship Interieur- Three sceneries, control and machines backing noise, control sounds
- Dark Room- Subfrequent and resonant noises, slow spherical sweeps
- Deep Room-Subfrequent resonant noises, heat
- Dark Fiction-Spaceship control room with confused robot voice commands
- Future Sword Fight-Electric noises, distorted metallic energy strikes, swoshes
- Jet Fighter-Jet Atmosphere, target control voice, starting action, rocket launch & impact, rocket swosh by, big impact explosion
- Aircraft-Jet atmosphere, cockpit radio communication, control communicator beep
- Helicopter-Turbine noises, rotor noises
- Detonator-Bomb clockwork, counter beeps, speeding, blow away
- War Zone-Total Destruction, rocket swosh, big explosions
- Fire Storm-Big destructive fire, metal and glass destruction, gas explosions
- Deep Moaning-space whales
- Deep Metal Scraping
- Strange FX
- Swishes & Swoshes
- Electric Energy
- Lava Stream
- Heavy Rock Rumbling
- Metallic Impacts
- Reaction Noises
- Wood Destruciton
- Gas & Machine Noises
- Communication
- Beeps & Signals