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Garden Of Orbs v1.02 Android-DeBTPDA

Garden Of Orbs v1.02 Android-DeBTPDA
Garden Of Orbs v1.02 Android-DeBTPDA

DeBTPDA has released ?Garden Of Orbs? for Android. Challenging, rewarding and very addictive.

Description: Garden of Orbs is an ENCHANTINGLY ADDICTIVE game that blends realistic physics, amazing graphics, and lots of challenging levels into a game that is easy to play, difficult to master and impossible to put down. Similar to a round of trick shot billiards or a game of marbles, Garden of Orbs provides hours and hours of game play for all ages.

In free-play mode, you are given unlimited lives and shots to clear target orbs from the garden?and with enough attempts?any level can be defeated. In other play modes, the challenge becomes how efficient or how fast you can clear the orbs to ?beat? the levels. Perform well enough in each level in all game modes and you can earn the illusive crystal orbs available in each level. Continue playing to improve your combined high score and beat your friends on OpenFeint!


OpenFeint enabled (optional).
Awesome gameplay that keeps on giving.
Gorgeous HD graphics.
Four (4) gardens and 100 levels of gameplay.
Three (3) game modes for each level.
Lots of updates planned in the coming months.
Fantastic sound and visual FX.
Realistic physics.
High score tracking and award achievements.
Fun for all ages. Easy to play ? Challenging to master.
Hours and hours of gameplay with lots of replayability.
Perfection requires a balance of logic, skill, speed and accuracy.
Random bonus coins to improve your scores.
Explore the gardens of Japan, Scotland, Arizona and France.

Release Name: Garden.Of.Orbs.v1.02.Android-DeBTPDA