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Vinylism ACiD WAV REX2

Vinylism ACiD WAV REX2
Vinylism ACiD WAV REX2
Team: AI | Size: 128,07 MB

The inevitable meeting of analog and digital. Vinyl is the birth of wild ecstasy! The method known as "scratch" has strongly effected today's mainstream music products. It is impossible to say exactly why it so strongly effects music because, just as guitar cutting is so amazing, so is "scratch" and equally difficult to discuss. However it is not a waste to understand "scratch".

"Scratch" is full of emotion and came about so suddenly and is now known and recognized by the common person. What surprised the world the most was how the rubbing sound made by vinyl records were absorbed and changed into electronic sounds. What was supposed to be listened to had now been upgraded to what was actively played as an instrument. It had been impossible to change the world just by raising the volume of a radio. Cartridges with diamond tips were used just like fingernails while a person's hands were busy moving the record back and forth working the fader. This movement was reminiscent of battle also used showed the use of emotional methods. (The name of the sampling CD-ROM Vinyalism comes from the base words "vinyl" and "ism", which refers principles.) Just as it is written, the name shows the body. Scratch methods used to shown on two turn-tables that had to be purchased but "Vinyalism" made it possible to see and express various techniques and tempos on the screen of a computer. Of course it doesn't have the cold feeling often associated with digital works. The scratch noise offers profoundness and depth. For the producer who is worried about money, space, and time there is no more powerful supporter.

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