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Prime Loops Electro Synth Sessions ACiD WAV AiFF REX2

Prime Loops Electro Synth Sessions ACiD WAV AiFF REX2
Prime Loops Electro Synth Sessions ACiD WAV AiFF REX2
Prime Loops Electro Synth Sessions
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 02 Aug 2013 | 312 MB

So you've got the thundering beats but are missing the electronic sting of those lightning sharp synths? Take shelter, because ELECTRO SYNTH SESSIONS is rolling in with a phat jolt of heavily energised synth loops, fresh from the floor-filling fingertips of Frederik Mooij! Fred has gone to extreme measures this time, chasing lightening and harnessing twisters to help construct this utterly essential hit of powerful, electrically-charged action.

From the shifting, chopped-up twist of 'Chills' to the winding elevated groove of 'Karma' and the hyped-up thrust of 'Nothing', ELECTRO SYNTH SESSIONS builds an entrancing momentum before veering off in unexpected directions only to return to an intense build-up! Packing multiple variations of each loop, this synth and bass library allows you to build up melodic layers to pack your tracks with analogue warmth.

Striking your DAW with an incendiary 216MB of electro synth magic, this sound library will spark a shockwave through your mixes with over 200 individual files split across 3 folders. Select your sample from Basslines, Synth Chord Progressions or Combined Synth Loops and drop it straight in to any major music making software. These samples have been engineered to sync automatically with your mix, so the hard part is done for you! Tempo and key are displayed clearly in the file name and every sound arrives in amazing 24-bit clarity!

Shock tactics are a proven hit when it comes to mastering the sickest mixes, so ensure you're making the right impact with the insanely addictive twists of ELECTRO SYNTH SESSIONS! This one's primed to fry the competition!