A. Premiere With Larry Jordan TUTORiAL

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A. Premiere With Larry Jordan TUTORiAL

A. Premiere With Larry Jordan TUTORiAL
A. Premiere With Larry Jordan TUTORiAL
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 01 Aug 2013 | 7.29 GB

In this three-day live class, you'll learn the basics of editing video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Instructor Larry Jordan starts by explaining how to configure and optimize your system, then uses a professional workflow for editing video to showcase key features; from ingest to editing to effects and export. And the best part is: learning from Larry. There?s no better teacher in the industry.

Session 1 July 29, 2013
Day 1 Pre-Show

9:00 am - Introduction
9:15 am - Post-Production Workflow
9:30 am - Troubleshooting
10:00 am - Setting Up Hardware
11:00 am - Create A Rough Cut in Prelude
11:30 am - Introduction to the Premiere Interface
1:00 pm - Configure Preference Settings
1:30 pm - The Media Browser
1:45 pm - Capture and Import Media
2:30 pm - Reviewing a Clip
3:00 pm - Create an Edit
3:30 pm - General Q&A
Day 1 Wrap-Up

Session 2 July 30, 2013
Day 2 Pre-Show

9:00 am - Editing Review
9:15 am - Editing in the Timeline
10:00 am - Trimming
11:00 am - Organizing the Timeline
11:30 am - Labels and Markers
11:45 am - Transitions
1:00 pm - Introduction to Audio
1:30 pm - Audio Editing
2:45 pm - Mixing in Audition
3:15 pm - Audio Effects
Day 2 Wrap-Up

Session 3 July 31, 2013
Day 3 Pre-Show

9:00 am - Normalizing and Syncing Audio
9:30 am - Text Effects
10:15 am - Blend Modes
11:00 am - Motion Effects
11:45 am - Filter Effects
1:00 pm - Chroma-Key and Lumetri Looks
1:30 pm - Color Correction
Thanks + Credits
2:45 pm - Editing a Mini-Doc
3:15 pm - General Q&A
Day 3 Wrap-Up

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan is an internationally-renowned consultant, digital media analyst, and trainer with over 35 years experience as a television producer, director and editor with national broadcast and corporate credits. He is recognized as the foremost trainer in both Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro where his informative and entertaining teaching style provides video editors around the world with unique resources to increase productivity and enhance their skills. Jordan is on the faculty at both USC and Video Symphony, and the host of the weekly podcast. His website is

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