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Sega Project575 for Vocaloid3FE\AE (+Pocaloid2 version)

Sega Project575 for Vocaloid3FE\AE (+Pocaloid2 version)
Sega Project575 for Vocaloid3FE\AE
AlexVox | 30th July 2013 | 120 MB~
(+Pocaloid2 version)

Sega?s Project 575 Is A Vocaloid-esque App And A PS Vita Rhythm Game
After a month of teaser videos, Sega finally revealed the identity of their mysterious Project 575 on July 18 2013. The project consists of an iOS app and PS Vita game.
The iOS app, titled Song Composer 575, will include a voice synthesizing software similar to Vocaloid. There will be two available voices based on the previously revealed characters, Azuki Masaoka and Matcha Kobayashi. Once you create a song, you can share it or collaborate with other users. To promote the app, Sega has already distributed it to popular Vocaloid composers.

Installers for V3FE\AE and Pocaloid2 contains 2 libraries inside (Azuki Masaoka and Matcha Kobayashi)
These vocaloids are transfered (unoficially!!!) from iOS to PC, both can work with V3\P2-editors
Both vocaloids have only japanese language
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