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Music Tech August 2013

Music Tech August 2013
Music Tech August 2013
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This Month?s Features / The Complete Guide To Mastering

?Any article that claims to be ?The Complete Guide?? is worth starting with a bit of a history lesson, so let?s look back at the early days of this ?dark art?. Mastering began as a means of transferring recordings from magnetic tape to various media, such as vinyl, while maintaining as much of the audio fidelity as possible. Vinyl, for example, cannot handle much bass without the risk of skipping, while the high end is susceptible to hiss. Mastering engineers would use an RIAA pre-emphasis EQ curve when cutting lacquers, which reduces the bass on the vinyl and boosts the highs?

Mike Hillier?s complete guide to mastering is nine pages of everything you need to know about the process ? an indispensable guide.

Orchestral Manoeuvres on the Cheap
There?s arguably no genre on earth that wouldn?t benefit from the injection of a little bit of orchestral flavour. The versatility, richness and sheer depth of traditional classical instruments means that they can be adapted to fit almost any style of music (yes, including death metal ? actually, especially death metal!)

If you want orchestral sounds in your music but can?t afford the real thing or more expensive sample collections, you?ve come to the right place. Rob Boffard raises the baton in this in-depth tutorial.

Get to Grips with Mastering in all the Major DAWS in this months? Tutorials
This month our software tutorials continue to look at the art of mastering with detailed DAW-specific tutorials revealing the ins and outs of this often complicated process. Our DAW tutorials cover Cubase, Reason, Live, Logic and Pro Tools.

Interview with Optimum Mastering
In this issue we explain the process of mastering and how you can do it yourself within your chosen DAW. But sometimes it?s best to get the pros in, and they don?t come more reputable than Optimum Mastering, which counts Portishead and Courtney Pine among its clients.

Reviews of all the latest Hardware and Software
This month we review Avid?s long awaited and highly advanced Pro Tools 11 ? in an expanded review from our online version. Wavelab 8, Tascam?s O08EX, LI Base DP8, Avantone Pro BV12, Audulus and Steinberg?s new interface the UR22.

Advance features all the latest news and comment from the world of MusicTech ? including the start of three brand new blogs by the MT team.