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Two Steps From Hell - Discography

Two Steps From Hell - Discography

Two Steps From Hell - Discography
Two Steps From Hell - Discography
2006-2013 | WAV | TOTAL RAR SIZE 25.2 GB

Two Steps From Hell was formed back in 2006 when Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix joined forces to write original music for movie trailers. 7 years later, they have been featured in hundreds of movie ads, including some of the biggest blockbusters of recent time. Two Steps has also been charting consistently in the top 100 on iTunes/Soundtracks for the past 3 years with all four releases, "Invincible", "Archangel", "Skyworld" and "Classics". Our first release "Invincible" is on its way to becoming a Gold record. We had no idea we would be appreciated to the extent that we have, so we are incredibly thankful for the relentless support from our fans around the world. You are our inspiration. Our first live concert in June 2013 at Walt Disney Concert Hall was a great success! Thanks to all that attended!


2006 - Shadows and Nightmares
2006 - Volume One
2007 - All Drums Go To Hell
2007 - Dynasty
2007 - Nemesis
2007 - Pathogen
2007 - Pathogen
2008 - Ashes
2008 - Dreams & Imaginations
2008 - Legend
2010 - Illumina
2010 - Invincible
2010 - Power Of Darkness
2011 - Archangel
2011 - Illusions
2011 - Nero
2012 - Burn
2012 - Halloween
2012 - Skyworld
2012 - Two Steps From Heaven
2013 - Classics Vol. 1

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