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Classic Machine Loops WAV

Classic Machine Loops WAV
Classic Machine Loops WAV
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 13 July 2013 | 139 MB

Featuring shots from a Yamaha TG 33, TQ 5, E-mu Procussion, Korg Wavestation SR and Roland JV-1080 all sequenced with the old school swing you can only find in the Korg S3, Roland MC303 & RY-30, or the Boss DR 660, Classic Machine Loops is the ideal companion when laying out the groove to your next four to the floor club crusher. Filled with enough multi-bar loops to overwhelm any studio production or live environment workflow, Classic Machine Loops is THE pack that will keep any dance music producer locked in the studio and tinkering away with their next chart topper until the next pseudo-predicted apocalypse ACTUALLY obliterates us all!

? Over 200 loops programmed on classic drum machines and grooveboxes. Styles can work over a variety of genres such as House, Minimal or Techno. Since most loops are broken down into individual elements such as the percussion loop parts only or just the top loops it makes it easy to mix with your own elements such as custom kick drums and bas s lines .