PhotoScore Ultimate v8.00 MAC OSX-msj

PhotoScore Ultimate v8.00 MAC OSX-msj
Install Demo and replace in Contents/MacOS
Send To Sibelius is active and functional
Save and Print too
PlayMIDI still restricted to one page
PhotoScore Ultimate v8.00 MAC OSX-msj
PhotoScore Ultimate v8.00 MAC OSX-msj
msj | July 11 2013 | 38.14 MB

PhotoScore Ultimate is the full-featured version of the PhotoScore Lite scanning software for Sibelius. This powerful software can also scan music into other MIDI software, such as sequencers. You can even use it on its own to scan in, play back, transpose, and print scores, and even save audio files. PhotoScore Ultimate reads printed and handwritten music or PDFs in seconds?not just the notes, but also printed slurs, dynamics, lyrics, guitar tab, chord diagrams, and more. You can then edit or transpose the music, play it back, extract the parts, and print?just as if you d input it yourself.


PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate reads virtually all markings in printed music, and most in handwritten music, including (handwritten capabilities highlighted in bold) :
5-line staves (normal and small), 4- and 6- line guitar staves, 1-, 2- and 3-line percussion staves
Notes, chords (including stem direction, beams & flags) and rests (including multirests) in up to 4 voices per staff
Appoggiaturas (grace notes), cue-sized and cross-staff notes
Accidentals and articulation marks
Clefs, key signatures, time signatures
The format of the page, including the page size, staff size, margins, and where systems end
Slurs, ties and hairpins
Text including lyrics, dynamics, fingerings, instrument names,
tempo and technique markings
Guitar chord diagrams
Various other markings such as codas, segnos, ornaments, pedal markings and repeat endings
64 staves per page
400 pages per score


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