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Mariachi Sound Samples SF2

Mariachi Sound Samples SF2
Mariachi Sound Samples SF2

Real mariachi is amazing. I was once working a job where we used Mexico City as a home base, and my local contact from a government agency was a native Mexican woman. We weren't romantically involved, but we were roughly the same age, so I guess we looked like a couple when we were traveling
around Mexico.

One night she took me to a plaza in the city where all the mariachi bands hung out. The bands compete with each other for your attention. So the minute we strolled into the plaza together, we had five different mariachi bands swirling around us, all trying to out-do each other, all playing DIFFERENT songs! It was Mariachi Hell. What you end up doing, is paying a tip to one band, so the others go away. And then they
all swoop down on the next victim. It's amazing.