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DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE | 10 JULY 2013 | 13 MB

Vast, a brand-new ReFill for Propellerhead Reason 4+. Vast is packed with 465 inspiring, innovative and incredibly useful Combinator patches. The Combinators inside make the most of Thor?s modulation possibilities to create expressive, rich sounds that are full of movement while still retaining playability. Every patch has been meticulously crafted to sound detailed and interesting whilst sitting comfortably in a useful frequency range, so you can easily drop any of these patches into a mix and get down to songwriting without having to tweak track FX heavily.

The sequencer on each Vast patch can be switched off at the push of a button for each of the sequenced synths, further increasing the useful palette of sounds on offer. Using Vast is like having a new sound module inside Reason. Combinator control mappings are set to be useful ? all patches give you control of the amplitude envelope so you can quickly sculpt these sounds to your needs; while the Mod Wheel allows you to get some juicy variety in tone; and the buttons allow you to alter the timbre of the patch and toggle the FX designed for every Combinator. Vast is set up so you can quickly get these sounds working with your music!


? 465 Combinator Patches including:
? 100 Atmosphere & FX
? 100 Leads and Monosynths
? 100 Pads
? 65 Sequenced Synths
? 58 Keys and Polysynths
? 42 Bass Patches