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RNB Diamonds ACiD WAV REX2

RNB Diamonds ACiD WAV REX2
RNB Diamonds ACiD WAV REX2
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 6 July 2013 | 398 MB

Swaying in the shadows of the R&B elite? Charm your way to the top with the seductive allure of R&B Diamonds!
This glistening flash of inspiration will embed a dazzling dose of smooth groove into your mix, drawing your productions out of the dark and into the spotlight. Reflecting the slow and steady nature of this impassioned genre, R&B Diamonds contains a sleek selection of contemporary loops and one-shots.

Hold any of these sounds to the light and a bright, vivid spectrum will splash across your music - from fresh, crisp beats and emotive synths to ambient FX and dramatic strings.
Implant R&B Diamonds into your DAW via direct download and set off a glamorous, velvety vibe with over 370MB of pure R&B bliss.

Comprising over 100 loops and 100 one- shots, this glistening sound library arrives in crystalline 24- bit high definition.

Placing these samples into your mix is a smooth, fluid process - just click and drag your selected samples from the download folder and drop them into your mix.Arriving in the tempos most closely associated with R&B, you can switch up and slow down the bpm of any loop in your software without affecting its pristine quality.

So if you want to grab your share of the shimmering limelight then polish up your productions with R&B Diamonds and unleash a wealth of fluid grooves, emotive hooks, smooth textures and ambient tones!
Diamonds may be costly but this pack certainly won't break the bank and every single one of these stunning samples comes to you 100% royalty free!


? 370MB of R&B Diamonds; Featuring seductive synths, crisp beats, dramatic strings and much more to make your productions sparkle!