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Benedict Roff-Marsh SynthStudio Pack IV VST VSTi

Benedict Roff-Marsh SynthStudio Pack IV VST VSTi
Benedict Roff-Marsh SynthStudio Pack IV
Team: ASSiGN | Date: 01 JANUARY 2010 | Size: 34,06 MB

SynthStudio Pack IV. The theme for this pack was to build instruments and effects that are really organic in character. I developed under the Dirty Analog tag as I wanted each and every oscillator to be wonderfully grimy and unpredictable. Wide Boys refers to the lively and wide sound these instruments and effects deliver. Heroes because I always have my eyes on standout instruments of the past from manufacturers like Oberheim, Waldorf, Hammond, Farfisa and EMU. Of course the tagline is also a (slightly warped) reference to the lead song from Gary Numan's "I Assassin" album


DA-80 - 4 OSC Dirty Analog with Mod Matrix.
wavElektrik - 4 OSC retro sample player.
GO-5p-l - Combo style Organ with Rotary Speaker.
DA-01 - Mono/Duophonic Dirty Analog synth.


SC-02 - Dual Stereo Chorus with a wide shiny sound.
LP-04 - Light Phaser with 1-4 Bands.
EL-2 - Crossfadable Dual Echo lines with modulation (great for Berlin School).
RS-2 - Rotary Speaker with 2 speaker arms (like a real Leslie).
3q-1a - 3 Band EQ.
IR-110 - Instrument Reverb/Echo.

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