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AMG Too Phat 2 WAV REX

AMG Too Phat 2 WAV REX
AMG Too Phat 2 WAV REX
AMG Too Phat 2 WAV REX | 417 MB

Terminalhead bring you another of their trademark grungy dance libraries. Once again hundreds of expertly mangled, crunched and destroyed samples are featured including Drum Loops, Rhythmic Riffs & Phrases, Musical Effects, Fills, Scratches, Shortwave Radio FX, SH101 Sounds, Misc FX, Effect Hits, Gated FX, Guitar hooks & FX, Congas & Bongos, Pascal Bongo Massive Percussion loops, Pads and Sweeps.

Once again another library from the team Computer Music claimed "you'll come back to it again and again" and was "Overall - Recommended for hard edged sounding music producers... excellent, varied stuff." If you're looking for something creative and different then this is a library you too will want to add to your sonic arsenal.

Tech Specs:

?16 Bit Quality


?6 conga and Bongos Loops
?89 FX hits
?30 Fills
?09 Gated Fx
?24 Guitar Samples
?13 Misc Fx
?47 Musical effects
?20 Percussion Loops
?80 Drum Loops
?57 Rhythmic Phrases and Patterns
?68 scratches Samples
?30 SH101 sounds
?110 Shortwave Samples
?08 Sweeps and Pad Samples
?590 Rex2 Files