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AMG Rythm Of Life Sxx-TZ7iSO

AMG Rythm Of Life Sxx-TZ7iSO
AMG Rythm Of Life Sxx-TZ7iSO
TEAM TZ7iSO |Format: Sxx | 338 MB

Contents : 49 tracks of creative grooves, with many different mixes, some featuring RSS processing all immaculately performed and recorded. Plus a extremely comprehensive selection of single hits in many styles plus more classics solo grooves.

Instruments featured include:

Congas, Bongos, Djembe
Udu, Bata Drums, Sabar & Sarouba,
Shakers & Rainmakers, African Shakers
Gongs & Hand Cymbals, Cowbells, Agogos
Tambourines, Guiro
Talking Drum, Bells, and many more!
This is one of the best CDs we, or anyone else, has ever released.
If you haven't heard it check it out, you won't regret it

More info on the Producer
Danny & Miles are amongst the finest of the UK's percussionists.
Danny has been around for years gaining a reputation for his immaculate timing and character - he's the king of pop percussion. Miles is more of a new face on the scene but has rapidly gained a reputation for the subtlety of his playing, more of a jazzy type than Danny.
Together the combination gave the CD a perfect balance.

Review Highlights
"Immaculately played and recorded in good as the best in the Synclavier Library...inspirational to work with. It's sonic credentials are impeccable...A connoisseur's product." - Sound On Sound, July 92.

"The production is superb: the recordings of the different instruments are outstanding and stereo panning is employed extensively...a very classy CD...for those who need access to a library of specialist percussion sounds." - Future Music, Nov 92.

"This should stand up as a shining example to anyone thinking of producing a sample CD...this is something special and more than useable - inspiring...sound quality is superb, as is the playing...A classic." - Melody Maker, July 93. "...rythmiques de percussions d'une rare qualite. Five Stars." - Keyboards (France), Aug 93

Tina Turner, The Beloved, Dire Straits, Wham!, System 7
George Michael, Talk Talk, Julia Fordham, PSB, John Martyn, ABC, and many more.

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