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AMG Sample Messiah Harder Faster Louder REFiLL

AMG Sample Messiah Harder Faster Louder REFiLL
Harder Faster Louder REFiLL
Team PotUSA | 05.07.2003 | 628.16 MB

DJ Harsh, The Notzel Brothers, Ars Larsen & Lars Boske pool their vast sample resources to create the ultimate, modern Euro dance sample CD. Capturing the essence of the classic dance sample collections with the sounds of today. This collection is a unique resource for anyone making modern music.

This ReFill includes:

428+ Megs of samples - 541 REX2 Files, 366 WAV Files
181 NN19 Patches
20 Malstrom Patches
20 Subtractor Patches
6 ReDrum Kits
4 Song Starters

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