AMG 8 Bit Family MULTi

AMG 8 Bit Family MULTi
AMG 8 Bit Family MULTi
Team EtHnO | 327.52 MB

The invasion of a high-definition cheap, loop grooves. This sound collection of video games allows you to discover new things through studying the past. This long-awaited library makes full use of the tones of rectangular waves, triangular waves, and noises like the optimal shots for melody sequences and light sound effects. The sounds of the video games of the past, which thrilled us at arcades and at home, have now returned in an 8-bit anthology.

It's been twenty-five years since the global disco sound boom of the 1978 music scene, represented by the theme song from the huge hit movie "Saturday Night Fever." These disco sounds had the strength of a tsunami tidal wave and attracted many creators and producers. The most interesting aspect, however, is that the sound of every musical piece from this genre kept almost the same BPM tempo, and quickly became obsolete in the 80s. At the same time, Japan was invaded by another boom, "Invader Game", which conquered every coffee shop, and then established a base: the video game arcade. From a sound standpoint, it was the first time for the "bit" sound to enter Japanese ears. At that time, the "bit" sound exploded in popularity throughout the world. "Pac Man" is a representative video game, and its influence was huge. In 1982, a musical unit called "Buckner & Garcia" sent their song "Pac Man Fever", which arranged the "bit" sound fully and effectively, into the Billboard Top Ten.

And this peculiar and simple background sound was soon taken over by friendlier sounds, such as the melody from "Super Mario Brothers", which quickly became popular on home video systems as well. The library introduced here is the collection of sound loops from early video games that devoted Discovery fans had requested. The 8-bit sound (a rectangle wave, a triangular wave, and noise), despite its simple kitschiness, was stored as much as possible. As well, a software sampler of EXS24 and a file for Halion are included, which can be transferred to a keyboard. It is absolutely free to use these applications, and they are ideal for creating your own musical pieces. Many artists now use the disco sounds that used to be dismissed as cheap. So the 8-bit sound may also be brought back as a new trend.


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