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Big Fish Audio First Call Horns GiG

Big Fish Audio First Call Horns GiG
Big Fish Audio First Call Horns GiGA
Team DYNAMiCS | 10.23.05 | 778.13 MB

The first call library for a modern horn virtual instrument. No more having to rely on orchestral brass for your horn needs. It s no secret that jazzy, rock n roll horn virtual instruments have not been available. Well, the void has been filled. Pop, latin, jazz, big band, and rock n roll horns are all here with unprecedented sound quality and programming. You get lead and second trumpets, (including plunger, cup, bucket and harmon mutes) soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes. Yes, saxes! As well as trombones (including mutes), flugelhorn and French horn. Each instrument contains solo and sections chromatically sampled, plus a ton of riffs, combinations & improvisations. This must-have VI library will be your first call for modern horns and is one more reason Big Fish Audio s Virtual Instrument Division is filling the real needs of musicians the world over.

- 9 solo instruments
- 7 section instruments
- 21 improvisation and riff patches
- Numerous different articulations for every instrument
- 8 combination patches such as Alto Sax + Trumpet + Trombone FPSwell