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Australian HiFi - July August 2013

Australian HiFi - July August 2013
Australian HiFi - July August 2013
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JBL Studio 590 Loudspeakers
JBL has done it yet again. They?re not only great stereo speakers when used on their own, they?re also even-better front-channel speakers in a home theatre system!...

NAD C356BEE Integrated Amplifier
I like the look of NAD?s C356BEE. There. I?ve said it. This will make me odd man out with other reviewers, because it?s become very fashionable? indeed de rigour? to criticise the appearance of NAD?s products.

Usher Audio Dancer Mini-X Diamond Loudspeakers
The Mini-X DMD Diamond is not only the first truly ?Mini? speaker in Usher?s ?Mini? range, it?s also the smallest speaker in Usher Audio?s range to sport its new DMD Diamond dome tweeter.

Sony SS-NA2ES Loudspeakers
I guess I?ve got to say it: who?d a thunk it! Great high fidelity sound from loudspeakers built by a major Japanese consumer electronics company.

MSB Signature DAC IV Plus
The build quality is outrageously good, the circuitry is state-of-the-art, the sound is sublime and, if you can?t afford one, you can always dream!