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Performance Stratocaster REASON REFiLL

Performance Stratocaster REASON REFiLL
Performance Stratocaster REASON REFiLL
DiSCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE | 04 JULY 2013 | 1.39 GB

For nearly 60 years the bright tones of the Fender Stratocaster have been the go-to electric guitar sound for thousands of guitarists. In a guitar-filled first for Reason 6, Jiggery-Pokery now presents a stunning, keyswitch-enabled Stratocaster sample set - Performance Stratocaster ReFill. Has been sampled in pristine 24-bit, to sit right alongside the Studio Combo range. Performance Stratocaster ReFill showcases a 1994 Fender Stratocaster, featuring a two-piece alder body, maple headstock with rosewood fretboard and a single-coil pick-up, for an original Strat sound. Every note of every fret was recorded at a bit depth and samplerate of 88.2khz with a direct low-noise mic-level input and then downsampled to 44.1khz.


? Picks with three velocity layers and release resonance
? Hammer-ons (fretboard string tapping) with two velocities
? Bridge mutes (also two velocities)
? Fret slides - up 1, 2, 3 and 7 semitones, and down 1, 2, 3 and 7 semitones
? Select up to 5 of these patches for live keyswitching between them
? Choose from 10 alternative string-to-keyboard maps, to favour higher or lower strings or for special effects, or directly load one particular string into all the keyswitch positions
? Release-and-mute string resonance
? Over 200 sampled chords: downstrokes and upstrokes with three velocities, including Major and 4,6,7,11; Minor 4,6,7,7b5; augmented (three inversions); sus2,4; and diminished
? Select up to 5 chords for live keyswitching, and even add mute slaps
? Fret, release, and pick noises and AC hum, all with independently adjustable levels
? Sustain and expression pedals mapped to Line 6 amp Wah-Wah, Mod wheel adds tremolo and Aftertouch provides string "micro-bending" vibrato
? Adjust the "pick-up position" tone (bridge/middle/neck) and access a number of other effects via the Combinator front panel
? 202 NN-XT files covering all strings, pick styles and chords, and string mappings
? 99 Combinators covering all templates and signature setups in full and reduced sample versions, and special setups
? Both 24-bit and 16-bit versions of the ReFill are included.
? Detailed PDF documentation included.

Designed with amp modelling in mind, the "keytar" Combinators come in a variety of flavours, dual or single amp, Line6 Amp or Scream 4, full patches or reduced sample-sets, plus 10 special setups inspired by some famous users, including Hendrix, Frusciante, Raitt and Gilmour, in amp-only or "wet" with Line 6 FX chains based on some of their setups. With over 50 of these brand new Line 6 PodFarm patches, plus 170 L6 tones from previous JP releases and a further 40 esoteric, experimental or alternative performance mapped Combinators you ll soon find your own signature Strat sound.

Minimum Requirements:

? Reason 6 or above
? 2 GB RAM

Recommended Requirements:

? Reason 6 or above
? 3 GB RAM
? Line6 PodFarm 2 [Platinum or equivalent add-on pack level]
? Aftertouch-enabled keyboard controller
? Sustain + Expression Pedals