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TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 2 July 2013 | 1.86 GB

The instantly recognizable sounds from the balearic islands are brought to enhance those moments of relaxation. Having an after party ambience of Kumharas, it's relieving atmosphere is nothing but sophisticated. Something is afoot in the hinterlands of this effortless collection... Its hedonistic essence gives the relaxing compilation refreshing vibes along with harmonious serenity and smooth holistic elements. Think, Sa Trinxa's intriguing and decadent fashions to Cafe del Mars epic sunsets. It feels like the freedom day has finally arrived

Welcome to Chill Out Cafe, our true selection of mediterranean flavors. Redefining Spanish bohemian chic it explores a range of eclectic and richly diverse music which is the quintessence of magical Ibiza.Continues the revolution of sample goodies with its inspirational and unparalleled sounds.


Arp - 10 Pluck silhouettes that represents the inner self of music sheldon.
Bass - 28 Deep and buzzing mixtures of analog-acoustic realm tones.
Drums - 89 Trendy and marvelous groove beats with mediterranean flavors.
Flutes - 11 Airy melodies blended with sweet hints of wind passing thru a wood pipe.
EFX - 13 Casual elements to culprit the spikes of elegant momentums.
Guitars - 17 Maestro guitar licks and flowing resonance melodies.
Keys - 08 Alluring key patterns that bring contentment and understanding.
Pads - 14 Synths with dreamlike sonority that heighten and compliment with decadence.
Seq - 22 Recapitulate and sequence the pattern of dulcet timbres.
Vocals - 50 Uplifting, sensual tones encompass soothing voices that echo with orchestral harmony.

? 262 samples at 24-bits ? 2.41 GB zipped ? Loops come in Acid, Apple Loops, Rex and Stylus Rmx formats ? WAV 620MB zipped ? APPLE LOOPS 610MB zipped ? REX 354MB zipped ? RMX 830MB zipped