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GuitarScapes REFiLL-SYNTHiC4TE

GuitarScapes REFiLL-SYNTHiC4TE
GuitarScapes REFiLL
TEAM SYNTHiC4TE | 21-04-2011 | 672 MB

GuitarScapes for Reason 5 and Record - a ReFill adventure through the endless sonic possibilities offered by well-sampled guitars inside the Reason 5 environment. GuitarScapes takes a wide variety of synthetic and realistic guitar samples and then mangles them beyond recognition, all in the name of providing you the absolute best in musical inspiration. Guitars + Imagination = GuitarScapes!


* 1.2GB+ of 24/16-bit 44khz samples.
* 223 Custom Combinators - each one unique and featuring all 4 Rotaries, Buttons and Modwheel mapped to intelligent assignments.
* 46 of the above Combinators are for Reason+Record - these unique Combinators are exclusively built using Record amps and FX and as such require Reason 5 + Record.
* 63 Basic Combinators - featuring a single sampleset with a chain of useful FX.
* 55 NN19 Patches
* 25 NN-XT Patches
* 8 Demo songs packed inside the ReFill as RNS files.
* PDF Design documentation for each patch, detailing important aspects of its design, inspiration and performance.
* Requires Reason 5.