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Ueberschall RetroFit Series Unit 5 Sensory Disruption

Ueberschall RetroFit Series Unit 5 Sensory Disruption
Ueberschall RetroFit Series Unit 5
Sensory Disruption
Elastik | Team: DYNAMiCS | Release date: April 2009

Our original innovative full motion sound fx collections in one place, re-ordered and housed under the Elastik hood. Sound events include 3-D "Flying Dimension", Nature, Assembly Line Mechanisms, Cosmos Drones, SubSonix, Violence + Turbulance, Freaky Foley, Electronic Quirks and much more. These sounds were treated with advanced equipment sequences and stereo range devices, delivering a quality like nothing else. An incredible variety of thickening and thinning agents - these kind of textures offer unlimited usability for numerous audio professional needs. Instant Sci-Fi, Cartoon, Background, Action, Atmospheres, Over-clocked Percussion with a modular control room patch matrix feel throughout.


? Central Processing Cores included
? F.A.S.T. Animation
? Special Sound Effects
? Jingle FX
? 1.4 GB
? 1,600 Loops and Samples

Original Info:
F.A.S.T. Animation:
This is a new dimension in stereo listening. Special 3D atmospheres from space to nightmare, psycho sounds to flying objects. Also includes real stereo sounds like comic, signals, buttons. f.a.s.t. animation to show you the way to a new dimension of stereophonic listening.

A unique material has been created by using top class 3-D-Processors that will set the sound into motion not only in front, but behind, over, under and beside you. Stereophonic listening will not take place only in between the speakers any longer. Spectacular objects, ambiences and FX fly through the space, encircle you, fade into the distance.

The spatial effect by using speakers is as impressive as by using headphones. There are over 750 "flying dimension" and "real stereo" sounds for space, science fiction, nightmare, horror, psycho and comic, and many short sounds like signals, buttons, switches, etc. for multimedia.

Also included are many applications for motion pictures, radio, TV, and music productions like Trip Hop, Jungle, Ambient, and many more. You will be animated!

Special Sound Effects:
Atmospheres, steps, doors, animals, signals, computer sounds, machines, traffic and many other sounds for film synchronization or ambient music. Special effects have been realised through DMP space and various dummy heads.

Jingle FX:
Special jingle loop FX for direct use in broadcasting, music and multimedia. Additional sound collages, background atmospheres and short single effects for fast production and layout. Excellently suited for use in jingles, trailers and multimedia presentations.