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TEAM VON.G | 2013-07-02 | 9.51 MB

Xpan-Drum is our newest pack for Native Instruments Kontakt. Featuring up to 16-way round-robin samples, Xpan-Drum is a collection of four sampled hand drums, each expandable to as many as four drums per MIDI channel. Each drum uses extensive Kontakt scripting to allow user-definable humanization of the ensemble's performance, including tuning, timing, dynamics, panning, and volume of each "virtual" layer. In addition to these features, we've added intelligent round-robin (surpassing the effectiveness of Kontakt's default behavior), voice conservation for efficient performance, keyswitching for realtime ensemble size control, and two "repetition keys" for fast repetitions without having to strike the same key repeatedly. A velocity sensitive Low-Pass Filter allows for realistic dynamics at a fraction of the RAM usage of standard percussion libraries.

Instrument Features:

24-bit audio resolution.
Includes two clay bongos and two wooden darbukas, available seperately or as a set.
Compatible with Native Instruments' Kontakt 2 or higher, also includes .wav files for use in your choice of sampler (Kontakt recommended for usage of included scripts)
Recorded completely dry; Seamlessly integrates into your choice of virtual space.
Up to four "virtual drums" per MIDI channel, with independant tuning, volume, panning and timing/dynamics randomization per drum.
Assignable keyswitches and repetition keys.
MIDI learn mode for keyswitches and repetition keys.
7-page user's guide in .pdf format.


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