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Masterbits TR-minator AKAi KONTAKT WAV

Masterbits TR-minator AKAi KONTAKT WAV
Masterbits.TR-minator.AKAI-DViSO + Masterbits.TR-minator.KONTAKT.WAV-KRock
2 Libraries inside 1 package.


Masterbits TR-minator AKAi KONTAKT WAV
Masterbits TR-minator AKAi KONTAKT WAV
Teams: DViSO / KRock | Size: 29 MB + 15,6 MB
The official TR808/909 Library on Akai CD ROM !

TOTAL TR ! It's like a complete 808 and 909, plus an array of high end FX processors in your sampler!
With these programmes you can emulate the user interface of these cult machines right on the display of your sampler. "K909-A0-D2-T6" stands for a 909 Kick with the attack parameter set to 0, a decay setting of 2 and a tuning of 6. You have access to hundreds of different parameter combinations with their individual settings.

In addition to the raw sounds you will find 'wet only' samples that supply reverb tails from the Lexicon 300 and 3D Rooms from the Roland SRV330 to add ambience to your drumtrax. Specially equalized and otherwise modified TR samples as well as a TR606 and CR78 Kit complete the collection.

"Everything you expect from a disc like this is here, and more besides; even owners of the original machine can benefit from this CD... for the rest of us - we get 95% of the original for a fraction of it's price..." - Keyboards/Germany

"TRMINATOR suceeds to give a very detailed extract from these classic Roland Beatboxes. The CD-Rom really emulates the wide range of sound variations of the originals and comes pretty close. If you cannot afford the original, this is a great tool to substitute it. This CD-Rom makes the original almost obsolete."- Keys