Z3TA+2 Progressive For Zebra FXB

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Z3TA+2 Progressive For Zebra FXB
Z3TA+2 Progressive For Zebra FXB
DISCOVER | 25 JUNE 2013 | 11 MB

'Shocking Z3TA+2: Progressive' is a compilation of massive bass and awesome synths for every House, Progressive, Electro & Commercial producer. This soundset was made on the best and most popular virtual synthesizer, Z3TA+2. Inside you will find 64 perfectly made presets for this VSTi, all optimized for maximum depth, width and punch. Only sounds which move the crowd are included!


? 64 Z3TA+2 Presets
? 41 Bass Sounds
? 23 Lead Sounds
? Royalty-Free

Please Note:

? This soundset requires Z3TA+2 2.0 version

Installation Instructions:
Put the main folder into Z3TA+2 Patches location to have them all in your library, ready to use everytime you open Z3TA+2.

Direct Download Z3TA+2 Progressive For Zebra FXB From Private Server
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