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TSG Plugins Pack 20.6.2013-R2R

TSG Plugins Pack 20.6.2013-R2R
TSG Plugins | Pack 20.6.2013 | R2R | 3.61 MB
Spectral Machine? features a wide range of unique frequency-domain effects, including:

- Spectral Freeze
- Delay Spectral Bands
- 3-band Amplitude Modulation
- Harmonize
- Pitch Quantization

Backwards Machine? lets you reverse continuous audio in real time! Backwards Machine includes three effects:

- Reverse Playback: Reverses and overlaps snippets of the incoming audio, to produce an ongoing backwards effect
- Forward Backwards: Smoothly cross-fades between forward and backward versions of the incoming audio
- Reverse Repeat: Plays snippets of the input audio backwards, twice. The second time, a slight vibrato is added

SFX Machine Pro? lets you create your own effects from scratch. SFX Machine Pro includes:

- A modular synthesis Preset Editor
- Host Tempo Sync
- An Output Limiter
- Over 300 Presets, including over 50 New Presets
- Twice as much delay time as SFX Machine RT

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