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How to Mix and Master Electronic Music from Home TUTORiAL

How to Mix and Master Electronic Music from Home TUTORiAL
How to Mix and Master
Electronic Music from Home TUTORiAL
SYNTHiC4TE | June 19 2013 | 2.09 GB

If you?re a home studio producer, you could agree that it can be difficult to get your mixes to sound clean and clear but still hard hitting and explosive from your home studio. A home studio producer?s tracks can be well written, but if the mix is off and transitions or layered instruments aren?t coming through the speakers clearly, you will never get your point across to the listener and you will loose your audience. This video is like having a pro right by your side, helping you every step of the way. Get the knowledge you need to produce a clear mix and powerful master.

Beside the tricks and tips the pro?s don?t want you to know about. This video tutorial comes with the following:

Audio Stems folder: 20 Audio stems Kid Zero has prepared for us to mix.
Info folder: The Kid Zero EQ Chart that supports the theory?s we will be using in our tutorial.
Links to download demos of the 3rd party plugins we will be using to make a quality sounding mix and master. The rules of EQing and signal flow PDF.
Videos folder: 9 tutorial videos totaling 3 hours of intense educating.
Read me PDF: Instructions on everything that comes with the download.


Electro house will be our primary focus. We will cover an intro build into a breakdown buidup with vocals then top it off with a sick bass section. The skills you learn from this tutorial can be applied to any style of mixing and mastering.

In our mixing section we will learn about:

Session organization for mixing
How to use and EQ and Compressor to get the best possible sound out of your instruments
How to select sounds that will work with one another and not against each other
How to properly use a spectrum analyzer to hone in on the frequency that you want cut out of the sound and how to get the frequencies you want out of the sound to shine.

In our mastering section you will learn about:

How to EQ for mastery
An overview of multi-band: stereo imaging, dynamics and Exciter
How to use limiters and loudness maximizer?s to get your track to sound huge out of any speaker.
How to give your track enough head room with consideration of the master.