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World Percussion Loops Vol.1 WAV

World Percussion Loops Vol.1 WAV
World Percussion Loops Vol.1 WAV
World Percussion Loops Vol.1
Team: BYS | Date: 18 June 2013 | Size: 73.37 MB

World Percussion Loops Vol 1' consisting entirely of ethnic hand percussion. From West African udu drums and shakers, to North Indian frame drums, to Afro-Peruvian cajóns, the World Percussion pack provides an eclectic library of highly authentic sounding loops and grooves.

This collection is a must-have for anyone looking to expand their loop collection beyond the usual "ethnic" loops supplied in most DAWs.

Take a listen to the audio preview below and you'll hear why this release is an instant passport to some of the most inspiring and unique percussion sounds from around the world!

Sets included:

? 102_Groove_Cajon
? 140_SixEight_Cajon
? 107_Rumble_Framedrum
? 125_Simmer_Framedrum
? 132_Shaker
? 117_Hall_Udu
? 132_Intense_Udu
? 98_Hypnotic_Udu

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