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ToneBoosters TB FIX4 v2.8.9 AU VST MAC OSX-iND

ToneBoosters TB FIX4 v2.8.9 AU VST MAC OSX-iND
ToneBoosters TB FIX4 v2.8.9 AU VST MAC OSX-iND
Team iND | AU | VST | MAC OSX | 1.78 MB

TB FlX4 is currently not included in the full plugin pack as it is still in an experimental phase.
Dynamic equalizers can be made even more powerful by adding an external side chain ? and hence ToneBoosters received many requests for such a feature.

External sidechain
The external side chain allows an EQ curve to be controlled by another track. For example, in this way certain frequencies in one track can be automatically attenuated or amplified when another track becomes active. This can help in bringing forward certain elements of a mix, or can be used as an artistic effect.

FlX4 is an experimental version of the TB dynamic equalizer FlX. It has 4 inputs instead of 2
? inputs 3 and 4 can be used as external side chain to control the dynamics section of any of the equalizer sections. Just select ?external? in the side chain input selector.

Registration and support
This plugin is still in experimental phase without full support, but you are welcome to give it a try. As with all TB plugins, it will run in demo mode if no registration key file is available. Current licensees of FlX (without side chain) can simply copy their FlX registration key file and rename that copy from ?TB_FlX.key? to ?TB_FlX4.key? to register the plugin. You can have both plugins (FlX and FlX4) on your system simultaneously ? they should not provide any conflict
? but you?ll need both key files as well (TB_FlX.key and TB_FlX4.key).