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MasterBits Elastic Zone CDDA-EtHnO

MasterBits Elastic Zone CDDA-EtHnO
Elastic Zone CDDA
Team EtHnO | 12.19.2003 | 324.71 MB

Elastic Zone contains mainly sounds that were produced with the VariPhrase Processor VP 9000. Through the use of this new "VariPhrase"-Technology by the house of ROLAND, this library stands out especially because of the completely new sounds & loops that simply were not possible before.The first main area are the 265 special drum loops that go beyond the customary limits. Imagine drum loops where a addionally produced Overtone Spectrum pushes the Groove or patterns that were stamped with an additional rythmic pitch change or beats with timed and dynamic formant changes. - You must hear this - for the first time drum loops sound "hi-ended" and "dirty" at the same time.

An additional highlight of this library are the processed vocals. These about 400 vocal hooklines & effects contain besides the announced harmonizer, vocoder and auto tune effects a bunch of completely new voice fxs, like i.e. vocal lines with "arpeggiated" second voice or the spectral poly voices. This CD containing 779 samples is rounded off with a selection of "VP-edited" synthesizer & pad sounds, some guitar licks and unusual RSS Special Sound Effects.

Finally some fresh sounds!