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VNXTBX15 Bundle for Nebula 3

VNXTBX15 Bundle for Nebula 3
VNXTBX15 Bundle for Nebula 3
SYNTHiC4TE | June 13 2013 | 2.47 GB

So i love vintage reverbs - i love springs - use BX20 all the time - sounds big, little dark and deeeeep - but when need something not so big, more bright and focus i use BX15. Its also sound more "springy" with more vibe. Its really highend equipment with beautifull AKG signature. I give now for Nebula comunity - new samples of my BX15 in super great condition. Its sampled as always via mastering highend converters MYTEK8x192. This time ive done 44,1kHz & 96kHz version - and due to big size these are different products - and FULL 44,1kHz&88kHz its cheaper bundle.


5 PROGRAMS for 5 different reverb time-sound ? all with 3 distortion kernels!
VNXTBX15_1,5s44 1,5 sec. tail
VNXTBX15_2s44 2 sec. tail
VNXTBX15_2,5s44 2,5 sec. tail
VNXTBX15_3s44 3 sec. tail
VNXTBX15_3,5s44 3,5 sec. tail