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Best of Pro Sessions Vol.2 Liquid Cinema

Best of Pro Sessions Vol.2 Liquid Cinema
Best of Pro Sessions Vol.2 Liquid Cinema
Team: CoBaLT | Apple Loops | DVDR | 965,68 MB

The Best of ProSessions in Apple Loops format. The release incorporates highlights of the many genres found in several dozen volumes of popular ProSessions Sound and Loop libraries, released in Apple Loops format specifically for use in Apple's Garageband, Logic, SoundTrack and Final Cut software.

Professionally recorded and hand-edited. Includes many different genres:

Cinematic Impact:
Massive hits and whooshes that strike the audience right between the ears

Cinematic Ambience:
Beds, drones, pads and washes conveying space, size and texture

Cinematic Pulse:
Organic, tonal rhythms designed to get things moving

Tabla Science:
Exotic hand percussion that adds global energy to any track

Junkyard Sessions:
Fresh percussive performances using found objects

Late Nite Sessions:
Cool, retro, 'Vegas-style' drums, bass and keys

These professionally recorded grooves are designed specifically to bring a cinematic feel to any audio or visual production. This collection delivers highlights from the popular seven-volume Liquid Cinema series of ProSessions titles created by Hollywood film composer Jeff Rona ('Traffic,' 'Black Hawk Down'). Each sample is meticulously hand-edited for maximum quality and flexibility when integrating with other tracks and/or picture. They're all presented in Apple Loops format for instant integration with Apple's GarageBand, Logic, Soundtrack and Final Cut software.