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Reverberate Core v1.200 AU VST RTAS K ED MAC OSX-iND

Reverberate Core v1.200 AU VST RTAS K ED MAC OSX-iND
Reverberate Core v1.200 AU VST RTAS MAC

LiquidSonics Reverberate Core is a highly efficient true stereo convolution reverb audio processor featuring zero-latency operation with oversampled paragraphic equalisers and envelope control for Mac and PC.

Features and Specifications:

True Stereo convolution reverb
Supports Mac and PC (VST / RTAS / AU)
Zero latency (or select up to 8192 samples latency)
Wav, WIR, SDIR, Aiff and Flac file support
Integrated samples and presets browsers
Drag and drop IRs from OS file browsers
ADSHR envelopes with linear, log and exponential shape control
50%-150% stretch
Double oversampled EQ
48 Presets (including 29 true-stereo presets)
Downsampling (low CPU) mode available for use in high sample rate projects
Lower memory footprint than the full edition of Reverberate
64-bit VST and AU on Mac and PC
CUDA support on PC

Compare Reverberate, Reverberate Core and Reverberate LE.
Owners of Reverberate may find Reverberate Core especially attractive when left at a higher latency setting as a workhorse true stereo convolution engine. In instances where only a basic convolution configuration is required (such as use of third party impulse response libraries requiring minimal effects and modulation) Reverberate Core can act as an extremely light-weight convolver increasing the number of convolution reverbs that it is practical to employ in a project. Reverberate preset files are compatible with Reverberate Core where features exist in both programs.