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Patchman 2000 series KURZWEiL

Patchman 2000 series KURZWEiL
Patchman 2000 series KURZWEiL
Patchman 2000 series KURZWEiL
12.24.2003 | TEAM MASsiVE | RAR SIZE 83 MB

The 2000-SERIES for the Kurzweil K2000, K2500, K2600, K2661 and compatibles now contains 160 soundbanks. It's packed with over 3,180 Programs and over 354 megs of samples on one easy to use and surprisingly inexpensive K2000/2500/2600/2661 CD-ROM. All soundbanks are fully programmed and ready to use and most include at least 10 Programs that highlight the new samples. Most banks have many more Programs than this. Unlike other companies that just sell you raw samples, expecting you to spend hours setting up Programs, we have already done the work for you. There is absolutely no programming necessary with the 2000-SERIES! These are NATIVE Kurzweil banks programmed on the Kurzweil.

Compatible with the K2500 and K2600. (Some drum sounds may sound slightly different on the K2500/2600/2661). KDFX owners may want to reprogram the effects to take advantage of the KDFX features. These programs were not programmed for KDFX.

All samples have been fully optimized using the latest digital sound processing techniques. There are no clicks, pops, or obnoxious loops in the 2000-SERIES.

By eliminating unnecessary circuitry when sampling we avoid any degradation in sound quality. You get the most dynamic, brilliant sounding samples possible.

Most drum kits conform to the GM drum note assignment. No need to remap drums!

Most drum disks include at least 3 or 4 fully programmed, 32-layer GM drum kit Programs utilizing full stereo panning with proper effects levels on each individual drum.