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Time Machine 1980's Oberheim DMX

Time Machine 1980's Oberheim DMX
Time Machine 1980's Oberheim DMX
Time Machine 1980's Oberheim DMX
2011 | WAV/AIFF | RAR SIZE 59.1 MB

1980's Oberheim DMX' from Time Machine is a rare pack as it features 20 authentic drum loops as well as 31 hits, including kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, and more. Artists such as Run D.M.C., Davy DMX, LL Cool J, Herbie Hancock & Rick James have used this machine to make record-breaking albums. These albums have included Run D.M.C.'s "Run DMC" and LL Cool J's "Radio" album. These drum loops are so diverse that they can be incorporated into genres such as Rap, Pop, Electro Funk, Hip Hop and Dance. This drum sample pack was produced with the authentic Oberheim DMX. This pack comes in both formats WAV and Apple Loops.

The DMX was the original drum machine for Hip Hop & Rap back in the golden age of Hip Hop. The Oberheim DMX was the second digital drum computer ever to be sold to the public as a product, following the Linn M1.

They were commonly used throughout the early to mid 80's and are still better than most drum machines out there today. These machines are prized by a select few professional and amateur musicians, as they were mostly discontinued in the late 80's.

The DMX's punchy and very realistic drum sound made it attractive to many artists and producers who were involved in the early Hip Hop scene.

Technical Specifications:

? Both WAV & Apple Loops Format
? 44khz/24-Bit Audio Quality
? 20 Drum Loops
? 10 Kicks
? 11 Snares & claps
? 6 Hi-hats & shaker
? 4 FX