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Deep House Logic Template Vol.1 WAV DAW Presets

Deep House Logic Template Vol.1 WAV DAW Presets
Deep House Logic Template Vol.1 WAV DAW Presets
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 01 June 2013 | 105 MB

The PBB Deep House Template is the first instalment in our Logic Template series - expertly crafted, midi based construction templates to provide foundation arrangements for your logic tracks. This first volume provides a comprehensive arrangement and guide to building a toolroom style deep house track in Logic Pro 9.

The template give you immediate access to tricks and techniques for building a classic,filtered,deep house style track with minimum hassle and maximum effect, including complete bus layouts, track automation and plug in settings specifically designed to create room and movement in your arrangement.

Every part inside the Midi construction kit can be altered to your needs, including pitch, rhythm, quantisation, instrumentation, aux processing, melodic arrangement and much more.

The project includes

A Logic Pro song with associated files for EXS24/ES1/ES2/ESP plugins.
Standard MIDI files for all parts of the template such as bassline, synths etc.
3. Wav files for every part within the full template. All the Wav files are 125 bpm.

Plugins used

All native to Logic Pro
Channel Settings
Bus 1 - Drum Bus
Bus 2 - Parallel Drum Compression
Bus 3 - Drum Reverb
Bus 4 - Small Reverb
Bus 5 - Distortion
Bus 6 - Lead 2 Aux Bus
Bus 7 - Claps Aux Bus
Bus 8 - Large reverb

Can be seen by pressing A whilst in the arrangement window view. Most tracks have some automation including filter cutoff's and reverb sends etc...

Tech Specs:

1 Full Logic 9.1.7+ Song Template
Presets for EXS24, ES1, ES2 and ESP