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SuperChords Vol.2 MiDi WAV

SuperChords Vol.2 MiDi WAV
SuperChords Vol.2 MiDi WAV
SuperChords Vol.2 (MIDI & WAV) | 1.2 GB
House Midi Chords and "pumping" Pads.

As many of you know, this may be not so simple to make house music, mostly because difficult harmonies but this is not the only reason. It's not so easy also to get the right sounds for house because they need really powerful effects.

WAV loops are recorded using perfectly choosen patches from expensive hardware synth workstation (Yamaha Motif XS) - they are really powerful!
And of course midi files reveal all secrets of typical house chords in midi examples - just for you, to expand your music possibilites! This is the first pack from the HOUSE PRODUCER series.

Pads are "pumped" in typical for house way giving nice, ready-to-use feeling to the arrangement.
Tempo of loops is 128 BPM, typical for house.
It's easy to using time stretching tools on loops when faster tempo is needed.


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