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Classic Guitar Licks WAV REX KONTAKT

Classic Guitar Licks WAV REX KONTAKT
Classic Guitar Licks WAV REX KONTAKT
TEAM PiRAT | 29 May 2013 | 582.02 MB

'Classic Guitar Licks' is a compilation of loops, including a custom Kontakt 4 instrument and Stylus RMX compatible REX2 files. The pack is bursting with authentic guitar flavour and the loops cover a multitude of guitar playing styles and rhythms. Included is a custom Kontakt instrument allowing for easy on the fly remixing of the chopped loops to cover all genres of music.

For this project the SM team enlisted the help of a professional guitarist who created and worked with the team to produce a unique loop collection.

The collection comprises 140 Kontakt instrument files, 140 REX2 files, 140 processed WAV loops and 140 clean WAV loops.

With a total of over 1 GB of data for the main Zip format each individual should find essentials to suit their particular genre and production approach.

The loops take their inspiration from artists including Jamiroquai, Incubus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Niall Rogers, The Specials, Rage Against the Machine and St Germaine.

The pack features six separate tempo sections, ranging from 80 to 175 BPM. This allows the user to construct tracks at a range of speeds with no difficulty. Also included are REX2 files which have been carefully chopped to allow each separate loop to be used in any BPM range.

A custom Kontakt instrument is also included with a waveform display and GUI interface with controls for Amplifier, Reverb and Filter parameters. This makes altering the effects on each separate loop quick and easy. These files are also tempo-synchronised. This means that the loops will play at the speed of the project you are working on.

Also included are bass patches that partner every guitar patch. When played together these patches form the basis for a multitude of different song styles and genres.

Although originally designed for classic guitar genres such as Funk, Rock, Metal and Ska, the loops can also help to form the basis for styles such as Hip Hop, Grime, Dubstep, Trip Hop, Drum & Bass, House and Breakbeat and if used efficiently can find a home in any musical style.

If your productions are missing that distinctive guitar flavour, then grab 'Classic Guitar Licks' and start rocking with the best!

Technical Specifications:

? 24-Bit Quality
? 1.07 GB


? Custom Kontakt Interface
? 70 Sliced Kontakt Guitar Loops
? 70 Sliced Kontakt Bass Loops
? 70 Clean WAV Guitar Loops
? 70 Clean WAV Bass Loops
? 70 Processed WAV Guitar Loops
? 70 Processed WAV Bass Loops
? 70 Clean REX2 Guitar Loops
? 70 Clean REX2 Bass Loops
? Key-Labelled & Tempo Info