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VNXT Sound VNXTEMT140 for Nebula 3

VNXT Sound VNXTEMT140 for Nebula 3
VNXT Sound VNXTEMT140 for Nebula 3
SYNTHiC4TE | May 29 2013 | 1.38 GB

EMT 140S ? marvellous stereo plate reverb, full analog ? this unit from 60s is in perfect condition after full prof. tuning and cleaning ? to sound even better one of the best engineers which in know made some high-end modifications here ? so this unit is really unique and sound great! Sample session was made carrefully with high-end MYTEK converters 96khz with Mogami cables in proffesional studio.

8 PROGRAMS for 8 different reverb time ? all with 3 distortion kernels!

EMT140VNXT1s96 - 1 second long tail
EMT140VNXT1,5s96 - 1,5 second long tail
EMT140VNXT2s96 - 2 second long tail
EMT140VNXT2,5s96 - 2,5 second long tail
EMT140VNXT3s96 - 3 second long tail
EMT140VNXT3,5s96 - 3,5 second long tail
EMT140VNXT4s96 - 4 second long tail
EMT140VNXT5s96 - 5 second long tail


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