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ixxMachine Studio 1.1 For Android

ixxMachine Studio 1.1 For Android
ixxMachine Studio 1.1 For Android
ixxMachine Studio 1.1 For Android | 14.3 MB

MixxMachine Studio a fully featured, 20-channel mobile sound studio! Use it as a Drum Machine or create songs and patterns using studio quality, multisampled instruments, drums and auto-adjusted drum loops. MixxMachine Studio is now available on Android (2.3 and later), MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9), Symbian Belle, Symbian Anna and Symbian^3. MixxMachine Studio is not freeware! We have put a lot of effort in this app. Downloading anywhere other than official Nokia Store / Android Market also exposes your phone to security risks.

Features, Some highlights:

Beautiful, easy to use user interface
High quality sound - 44100Hz/16bit/stereo real-time rendering
High-performance native ARM code with full support for dual/quad core CPUs
Unlimited number of patterns
Unlimited number of patterns per time slot
Unlimited song length
Unlimited number of samples
Unlimited per-channel polyphony (limited only by CPU performance)
Support for multi-sampled instruments
Load your own WAV samples
Export song to WAV or AIFF
20 channel pattern editor - 4 banks of 5 channels
Adjustable 1 to 16 beats per pattern
4 banks of 3 effects, with independent wet/dry output mixing
Effects: Delay, Phaser, MoogVCF, Fuzz, EQ3
Per-trigger instrument note/chord editor
Per-trigger sample settings: volume, offset, ballance
20 Channel Mixer
Instrument selection screen with samples sorted by type
Play song or play pattern
Load/Save song to XML format
Built-in, high quality sample packs
Detailed, illustrated help in HTML format
Free app updates (see Upgrades page for details)