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Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol.2 WAV

Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol.2 WAV
Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol.2 WAV
Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol.2
SCD DVDR-BYS | May 2013 | 1.05 GB

'Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol 2' is the second in their Radiophonic Workshop series. This time the synthesizer aficionados have wired up the analogue monsters to produce epic sequences and mind-altering textures, so don your space suit and ready yourself for warp factor nine as we enter the parallel universe of modular synthesis. Using free running LFOs and long envelopes to modulate the expressive analogue voices of synthesizer legends such as Elka Synthex, Oberheim 4Voice, Roland System 100, Korg Mono/Poly and Octave Cat, this pack is all processed through genuine vintage reverbs and delays along with valve equalisation to bring out the best sonic qualities from these classic hardware synths.

Expect to find a whopping 1.3 GB of 24-Bit quality soundscapes featuring 73 long evolving textures of Inter Galactic Space Drones, Broken Chimes and Bleeps, Machined FX, Scrambled Secret Messages, Huge Evolving Textures, Sci-Fi Backdrops and Long Sweeping Pads. This soniferous electronic adventure is perfect for chopping, cutting, pitching, reversing or just plain dropping straight into any Cinematic-edged production. If you're looking for sonic bullets from analogue vintage synths that have inspired FSOL, Orbital, Leftfield, Biosphere, The Orb, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and Vangelis, then you need to check out 'Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol 2'!

Technical Specifications:

? 24-Bit Quality
? 1.35 GB
? 73 Long Evolving Textures & Sequences