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dmoox for KONTAKT

dmoox for KONTAKT
dmoox for KONTAKT
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 24 May 2013 | 830 MB

Welcome to the sound of dmoox, recapturing the heart and soul of vintage instruments. dmoox is a sampled instrument. It uses pre-recorded audio clips to generate sounds. Is neither a virtual synth nor a plugin. dmoox benefits from the extensive script programming of Kontakt - the world leading software sampler, bringing you an enhanced experience in music making technology.

We looked back into our gear room to recreate the Midimoog by Studio Electronics, one of electronic music?s forgotten legends.
We wanted to represent all its sonic magic into one single digital instrument for total recall at your finger tips.
We have sampled every note of this analogue monster individually for approximately 4 seconds using high end converters, recording everything at 24bits.
Once the sound was sorted we decided to give the user a more pleasant experience by crafting a truly unique 3D interface not yet seen in a product of this kind.Add to this 7 onboard effects, pitch envelope, arp and unison, then you begin to realize the truly powerful nature of this instrument.


? Type: Kontakt 4 Instrument Synthesis Type: Sampled based
? Voice Modes: poly/mono Polyphony:
? Max: 512 or computer limitation. Typical in use: 1 - 128
? Multi-Timbral (number of parts): 1
? Oscillators per Voice : 3 Min : 1 Max : 3
? Waveforms per Oscillator: 6 Triangular Saw Up Saw Down ( Osc 3 Only ) Saw Triangular Square Wide Pulse Narrow Pulse
? Noise Generator: 1 White Pink
? Filter Modes : 4 Low pass Hi Pass Band Pass Vowel Filter
? LFO : 1 ( 5 Selectable Waveforms ) Oscillators Pitch Amplitude
? Filters Insertion Effects: 8 Delay Lo-Fi Reverb Flanger Stereo Tool Distortion Saturation & Compression (Magic Knob)
? Auxiliary Effects: 1 Impulse Response Reverb Arpeggiators: 1 ( Polyphonic ) Rate : 1/128 - 1Bar
? Octave Range : +5 / -5
? Swing : +5 / -5
? Order : Up - Down - Up & Down - Down & Up - Chord - As Played - Random
? Strike :1 - 5
? Controllers : Mod Wheel assigned by default on most presets. Midi assignable to any parameter.
? Memory : 128 Factory presets - Xpandable.


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