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Noatikl v2.7.28 AU VST WiN MAC-R2R

Noatikl v2.7.28 AU VST WiN MAC-R2R
Noatikl v2.7.28 WiN MAC
Team R2R | May 07 2015 | WiN: 102 MB | OSX: 54 MB

Design, develop and even share your own fascinating generative music soundscapes with Noatikl (pronounced "noh ? tickle"), a powerful MIDI music creativity application for both Desktop and Mobile. It lets you control a powerful and generative Noatikl (MIDI) Music Engine (NME) which utilises a range of generative / aleatoric / stochastic / algorithmic music techniques and parameters. For sound design and generation you can use an integrated & advanced modular synth + live FX network called the Partikl Sound Engine (PSE), or use the MIDI data to drive external 3rd party MIDI synths samplers and FX units.

With Noatikl you can:

Use the many included NME templates to help break composer s block with new melodies & ideas
Create royalty free generative music / soundscapes: ambient, drone, EDM etc.
Create royalty free MIDI files.
Drive & generatively change 3rd party MIDI synth, FX & sampler settings**
Use the integrated PSE to design & play modular synth sounds + live FX
Use the sounds in the 2 included DLS files (General MIDI / GenMix1 DLS) or use your own
Use the sounds in the 6 included Soundfont (SF2)* files or use your own SF2*
Create / share / edit Noatikl pieces on Mobile and Desktop
Create pieces for mixing together in Noatikl s brother, Mixtikl
Play SKD files you may have made in SSEYO Koan (precursor to Noatikl)
Build your own hyper-instrument (Desktop version only)
Get creative with scripting (Desktop version only)

* in Noatikl Mobile 2.5+ only at present.
** in Noatikl Mobile via Core MIDI / Virtual MIDI or Audiobus. 3rd party apps not provided.

Key Noatikl parameters

Voice types: Ambient, Rhythmic, Repeat, Follows, Fixed Pattern - used to generate MIDI notes
Rules: Scale, Harmony, Rhythm, Next Note, Listening ? used to constrain and filter the notes composed
Chords: Many parameters for controlling chording and arpeggiation
Controllers & Micro controllers: Many parameters for controlling MIDI
Note to MIDI CC Mapping: Used to emit MIDI controller data instead of MIDI events, useful for controlling synths and other parameters
Many, many more ...