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Fingerstyle: Folk & Americana - Max Milligan - DVD - (2012)

Fingerstyle: Folk & Americana - Max Milligan - DVD - (2012)
Fingerstyle: Folk & Americana - Max Milligan
English | 1h5m | Full Scans | 3.17GB | .ISO | ASIN: B008HHTECS
MPG2, 7000.0kbps | 720×480, 30.0fps | TWOS, 1536.0kbps | 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 channels

The Acoustic Fingerstyle of instructional programs will teach you all the skills needed to master the acoustic style. Use your DVD remote to choose or change options at anytime. You can also pause or watch the video in slow motion! This first lesson, geared towards those beginning their study of this guitar style, will show how to take a handful of basic chords and turn them into the fingerpicking patterns of FOLK and AMERICANA.

Common chord patterns are brought to life with chord extensions and the use of open string voicings. An ideal starter lesson if you are wishing to immerse yourself in the music of players like Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez throughout to James Taylor and John Mayer. MAX MILLIGAN, Guitar Institute (London) Instructor and Senior Examiner for Registry of Guitar Tutors (London College of Music) will show how to incorporate his different techniques into your own style so you too can fingerpick like the professionals.

Lessons include:
Standard Tuning
Picking Hand Position
Basic Finger Picking
And More!

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