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Merging?s VoiCode VST plugin, co-developed with swissaudec, is the first professional real-time mono to stereo upmix. Patented on a worldwide scale and winning five international awards, including the World Intellectual Property Organization Award 2009, this new technology is finally cracking a problem in electroacoustics which scientists like Michael A. Gerzon tried to solve : never before plural sound sources from a mono recording were rendered constantly in space ; and never before could you edit correlation with existing stereo or surround recordings !

The VoiCode plugin was developed as a VST plugin so it can be compatible with any properly designed host application supporting Steinberg?s VST technology. Simply insert VoiCode in your favorite DAW, possibly mutliple times, and that's it : you can now change and automate all parameters at will, until you find the optimal stereo image. Alternatively, you may want to rely on our very sophisticated automatic-tuning alogrithm. This will produce a very convincing stereophonization in less than a second, which can be very valuable if you are using the plugin "on air", for example.

Although VoiCode was initially designed to produce a stereo signal out of a mono signal, nothing prevents you of chaining multiple instances of this plugin, and/or to use VoiCode together with a stereo to surround upmixer such as Arkamys UpMix5, thus enabling you to generate surround sound out of existing stereo sources, or even only mono sources.