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MasterBits Dance T.R.A.X ENSONiQ

MasterBits Dance T.R.A.X ENSONiQ
MasterBits Dance T.R.A.X
Team BSOUNDZ | 07.24.05 | 303.05 MB

The complete Production-Tool for Dancefloor & Euro-House, Rap & P-Funk, Old & New School, Pop & Crossover.Everything on this CD has been produced from scratch and is 100% copyright clean and license free. The tempo ranges from 90-130 BPM and covers a range of styles from Eurobeats to German hiphop; live drumloops with an attitude and totally whacky "silly cone Loopz". The grooves are between 2, 4 and 8 bars long and are completed by a selection of appropiate single samples like Dancefloor kicks, snares and hats.
Don t forget: NI Kontakt can read ENSONIQ-format without converting of files.

Another section concentrates on analogue Bass sounds specially programmed for use in dancefloor music. Most of the sounds are 9 times multisampled for a smooth performance over the the words to your production. House pianos and selected synth sounds and ethno-vocals round out this superb collection.

"...these sounds have a mind of their own with punchy sub basses and some wild licks...perfect musicianship - sounds good!"- Keys

(Silly Cone Loopz ) "Thumbs up for the sophisticated programming" (Off Mike Beats) "cute idea, perfect performance" (Basement Beats) "Nice and dry rehearsal drums, in the pocket." (Assorted Drums) "Great selection of Drumsounds. (Bass Department) "Covers the whole range of dance bass applications!" - Keyboards/Germany