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Electronisounds Serious Electro

Electronisounds Serious Electro

Electronisounds Serious Electro
Team: ALFiSO | Size: 266,98 MB

Analog lovers rejoice! We're giving you the hook-up once again with over 2,650 electro sounds & loops! Created exclusively in our in-house digital studios, everything you need to create funkified electro mixes is on this disc set: from retro drum sounds & drumloops, to robot-style vocoded vocal samples and phunky synth riffs - it's all here!
ALL samples 16-bit, 44.1Khz.


Arpeggios Folder - 26 MB, 40 Samples
Drum Kits Folder - 39MB, 381 Samples (divided into 8 drumkits: Am Vocoded Kit, Cm Vocoded Kit, Deep Analog, Electrofied Kit, Fmaj Vocoded Kit, Mad Analog, N's Beat Box, Technotronic Kit 1)
Drum Loops Folder - 97MB, 145 Samples (3 bpm's: 110bpm, 120bpm, 130bpm)
FX Loops Folder - 17MB, 17 Samples
FX Sounds Folder - 12MB, 36 Samples
Guitar Samples Folder - 16MB, 20 Samples
Instrument Multi-Samples Folder - 70MB, 60 Samples
Misc. Music Loops Folder - 25MB, 39 Samples
One-Shots Folder - 45MB, 173 Samples (each tuned to "C")
Synth Loops Folder - 38MB, 56 Samples
Vocoded Vox Folder - 32MB, 46 Samples
Z1_Demo Samples Folder: 52MB, 180 samples
Z2_Bonus Beats & Midi's: 58MB, 103 files (3 HUGE soundfont [.SF2 format] drumkits and midi file [.mid format] drumbeats)
Z3_Extra Bonus Samples: 159MB, 515 samples (extra samples from our catalog: chords, sub basses, drum sounds, percussion sounds, synth one-shots, guitar samples & more!)
Electronisounds Serious Electro WAV