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Cantabile Performer v2.0.0.2066 x86 x64-CHAOS

Cantabile Performer v2.0.0.2066 x86 x64-CHAOS
Cantabile Performer v2.0.0.2066 x86 x64
Team: CHAOS | Date: 16.05.2013 | Size: 5,12 MB

Play VSTs, trigger media clips, instantly switch between songs, integrate with your existing hardware, control it all via MIDI and simply perform better.

Real-time VST Host
VST instruments and effects turn your PC into an incredibly flexible sound and effects module.
Choose from the hundreds of free and commercial plugins available - everything from simple FM synths to high quality samplers, convolution reverb effects and more.
And, VST's only take up disk space - not the whole back of a van.

High Performance Audio Engine
Cantabile's audio engine offers excellent low-latency performance and leverages the additional processing power of modern multi-core processors.
64-bit audio is supported and the x64 edition means Cantabile is ready for the current and next generation of amazing plugins.

Fast Session Switching
On stage you can't afford to wait for things to load. With Cantabile you can pre-load a whole set of plugins and then use sub-sessions to switch between them instantly.
Cantabile also works hard to re-use plugins from the previous session in the next session to keep everything moving along.

Triggerable Media Clips
Use MIDI, wave and mp3 files for pre-recorded tracks, sound effects, loops and trigger them from a button on your keyboard or by playing a note.

Take Control of Your Existing Hardware Rig
Configuring flexible routings between keyboards and hardware, automatically send program changes and controller events to external devices when loading a song, split your keyboard so one part controls a VST instrument and the other an external synthesizer and instantly switch between different configurations for each song.

Advanced MIDI Control
Cantabile's MIDI Filters let you apply velocity curves, transpose notes, remap controllers and channels, suppress certain events or even re-route notes according to how hard they're played.
Just about every setting and command in Cantabile can be controlled through MIDI Controller Assignments. Map a knob to Cantabile's master volume, assign buttons to load next and previous songs, adjust plugin settings from your keyboard, set the tempo by tapping a button.

Powerful Automatic Recording
Cantabile can automatically start and stop recording when it detects either MIDI or audio input, so you can capture inspiration when it strikes - just start playing and Cantabile will record it.

Set List Management
By pre-configuring set lists you can use simple commands to quickly and easily setup for the next song. On changing songs, Cantabile will load all required plugins and send MIDI configuration to any external hardware devices.

Much more
Cantabile also includes tools for offline rendering, preset management and preset morphing and randomization. Editing sessions is easy with undo/redo, clipboard and drag-drop support.